Due to recent Texas State Board of Pharmacy changes to the requirements for official prescription forms used to write controlled substance medication prescriptions, Valley Children’s Clinic will not be able to fill any ADHD medications that are controlled substances’. An order has been in place since December 2018, but we have not received the forms from the State. At this time the State is not giving us an ETA as to when we would expect delivery to resolve this situation.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working closely with the State to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

NOTICE: Effective September 1, 2018, a new Official Prescription form will be issued with additional security features.  Effective June 1, 2019, all versions of the Official Prescription Form issued prior to September 1, 2018, will no longer be valid.

NOTICE: Due to the increase number of orders received, the processing time to receive the prescriptions forms may exceed 6 – 8 weeks.